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What are Dryden Aqua Air Diffusers?

The Dryden Aqua Air Diffuser is a semi-flexible, high-efficiency fine bubble air diffuser available in 9 different lengths,depending on the air, oxygen or carbon dioxide through-put required . It provides oxygen transfer rates of up to 5kg/kw, 10m3/h of air and 1 kg of O2/h. Its semi-flexible construction with its own internal ballast will stay on the bottom of the lagoon or pit without the need to be anchored to the floor. The Dryden Aqua Air Diffuser is quick and easy to install and can be maintained while air blowers are operating and water reservoir is full.

The Dryden Aqua Air Diffuser combines excellent performance with cost effectiveness for aeration, oxidation and biological treatment.

Dryden Aqua Air Diffuser Advantages

Solid diffusers have problems with carbonate and iron deposition which blocks the diffusers. Solid diffusers are therefore very difficult to clean and maintain. Flexible membrane diffusers stay largely free of fouling, however they need a heavy frame or are anchored to the base of the aeration tank, this makes the diffusers much more expensive and difficult to handle, it also makes them difficult to use in lagoons, or in retrofitting systems.

The Dryden Aqua diffuser is a hybrid unit, because it is semi flexible, carbonates and metal oxides simply crack off the unit. Also because our diffuser has its own internal ballast it does not need to be anchored to the base of the tank. If any cleaning or maintenance is required, the diffuser is simple pulled out of the tank using the ½” air delivery hose. The tank can be full of water and the air blowers running when the diffuser is removed. Normal operating life is from 5 to 10 years.

Key Features

•Semi-flexible, tubular construction
• Self ballasted, no extra anchorage required
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Air handling capacity from 1 - 10m3 /hr
• Less than 0.2 Bar (3 psi) pressure differential
• Oxygen transfer efficiency up to 5kg/kw
• Resistant to calcification
• Robust and long-lasting (typical lifespan in chemically aggressive environments is more than 10 years)

Typical Applications

• Industrial wastewater treatment
• Activated sludge, wastewater
• Landfill leachate waste water
• Extended diffused aeration systems
• Agricultural waste water
• Reduction of THMs by air stripping
• Oxidation of ferric, manganese and arsenic
• Destratification of lakes or reservoirs
• Wetland water treatment systems
• Aquaculture for fish & shrimps

Oxgen transfer data

Product codeLengthWeightAir Flow m3/hr (+/- 20 %)Oxygen Transfer kg of O2/day per diffuser at different depths at 20 °C and 50% O2 saturation
2m depth3m depth4m depth
700000.33m0.5 kg12 kg O22.5 kg O23 kg O2
700010.66m1.0 kg24 kg O25 kg O26 kg O2
700021.00m1.5 kg36 kg O27.5 kg O29 kg O2
700031.33m2.0 kg48 kg O210 kg O212 kg O2
700041.66m2.5 kg512 kg O212 kg O215 kg O2
700052.0m3.0 kg614 kg O215 kg O218 kg O2
700062.33m3.5 kg716 kg O217 kg O221 kg O2
700072.66m4.0 kg818 kg O220 kg O224 kg O2
700083.0m4.5 kg920 kg O222 kg O227 kg O2
Dryden Air Diffusers - Sterner AquaTech UK
Dryden Air Diffusers - Sterner AquaTech UK

Dryden Air Diffusers

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