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Diffusers for Oxygen and Air

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Oxygen and Air Diffusers for Hatcheries and Sea

With summer fast approaching, it’s all the more important to ensure you have sufficient aeration in your tanks or sea pens Having efficient and reliable oxygen and air diffusion is the key to manage your stock and your costs.

At Sterner we have a wide range of ceramic diffusers and our hugely popular RSB6 self weighted rigid diffuser, ideal for sea and loch pens.

Microbubble Diffusers

Pentair Point Four microbubble diffusers use a specially developed, ultra fine pore ceramic plate that produces a cloud of extremely fine bubbles of approximately 100–500 microns; far superior to airstones, porous hose or membrane type designs. The flat plate design ensures uniform bubbles across the entire surface and minimises bubble coalescence to achieve an absorption rate in excess of 80%, depending on depth and flow rate. Bubbling Pressure is 25 to 35 psi. (1.7 to 2.4 bar).

Sterner RSB6

The RSB6 diffuser has been specifically designed to introduce air into farm cages located in open water. It has been built to deliver optimum performance and withstand the harsh conditions of sea water with minimum maintenance. The RSB6 is constructed of a strong, woven polyester fibre material with an operating range of 1.2 – 3.6 cfm and comes complete with 3/8” stainless steel hose tail, making it extremely durable.

The bespoke self-weighted and rigid design of the RSB6 allows for optimum use of aeration in the cage. Compared to previous methods of aeration the RSB6 is extremely efficient at producing bubbles, which creates a curtain effect when the unit is installed horizontally. The deployment and removal of the RSB6 diffusers is straightforward with a bespoke, non-corrosive, fish friendly RSB lifting sling

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