Fish Grader

  • FIAP profiselect Fish Grading Grid Fish Grader FIAP 3mm

    FIAP FIAP profiselect Fish Grading Grid

    FIAP profiselect FishGrid is ideal for use with FIAP profiselect FishGrader. This durable grid is made of saltwater resistant aluminum and is suitable for fish sizes ranging from 3mm to 35mm. Offering high performance, reliability and longevity, FIAP profiselect FishGrid is the professional's choice for effective fish grading.

    £214.80 - £214.99

  • FIAP Fish Grader 4 - 17 mm Fish Grader FIAP

    FIAP FIAP Fish Grader 4 - 17 mm

    Made from impregnated wood, floatable Floatable FIAP Fish Grader 4 - 17 mm has been made from impregnated wood. The gap widths of FIAP Fish Grader‘s grid can most easily be adjusted. A lever mounted to the handle is thumb tripped. Pressing the lever up or down at respective notches will diagonally adjust FIAP Fish Grader like a rhomb. Accurate gap widths in between the grading slats is ensured. All metal parts mounted to FIAP Fish Grader are corrosion-resistant (aluminum and brass).


  • FIAP Fish Grader 18 - 30 mm Fish Grader FIAP

    FIAP FIAP Fish Grader 18 - 30 mm

    The FIAP Fish Grader 18 - 30 mm is buoyant and made of impregnated wood. The rust distances of FIAP fish sorter can be easily adjusted. From the handle of a mounted lever is operated with the thumb. The FIAP fish sorter to move diagonally like a diamond by pressing the lever at each notch up or down. Cycle through the sort rods a precise distance is maintained. All the assembled metal parts of FIAP fish sorter are rust (aluminium and brass).


  • FIAP profibreed FishGrid Fish Grader FIAP 2mm

    FIAP FIAP profibreed FishGrid

    The FIAP profibreed FishGrid is an essential tool for optimising grading using a FIAP profibreed Feedbox. The grid is made from saltwater-resistant aluminium and is precision-cut, offering holes in sizes ranging from 2mm to 10mm for optimised sorting and grading. 


  • FIAP profiselect FishGrader Fish Grader FIAP

    FIAP FIAP profiselect FishGrader

    Robust and high-quality FIAP Fish Grading Rocker has been made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic. Easily replaceable grading grids, made from saltwater-resistant aluminum, ensure gentle and accurate grading. FIAP Fish Grading Rocker simplifies day-to-day works in each and every production plant. Dimension mm 645 x 500 x 430


  • FIAP Profibreed Grader Fish Grader FIAP

    FIAP FIAP Profibreed Grader

    The FIAP Profibreed Grader is an essential tool for fish grading. It features a strong, floating grading box made of durable plastic with ergonomic handles that simplify the lifting of the box in and out of the water. It’s a professional-grade tool that will help you accurately grade fish quickly and with ease. Weight in Gram 3.600 Dimension in Millimeters 645 x 500 x 430


  • Dati Grading Grids Fish Grader FishTech 1.5mm

    FishTech Dati Grading Grids

    Fish grading grid adapted to Dati sorting cradle.

    £192.00 - £288.00

  • Dati Grading Cradle Fish Grader FishTech

    FishTech Dati Grading Cradle

    Gray manual sorting cradle with curved screen.- Width: 50 cm- Length: 70 cm- Height: 40 cmThe grading cradle is priced without grid. The grading grid must be ordered separately.


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