Aquafilter AIFIR-200 2″ x 10″ in-line alkalizing-mineralizing cartridge

Aquafilter AIFIR-200 2″ x 10″ in-line alkalizing-mineralizing cartridge

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    AIFIR-200 In-line alkalizing-mineralizing cartridge. Contains a mixture of bioceramic media. Water after passing through AIFIR-200 exhibits lower ORP (-100 mV) and increased pH* (by approx. 2 points).

    The AIFIR-200 Cartridge is ideal as an end filtration cartridge in Reverse Osmosis systems and multistage filtration systems. With the use of natural bioceramics you can get the alkalising, energising and detoxifying benefits of healthy alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water is the simplest thing everyone can do to improve and maintain their health. The Biocera filter media alkalises your tap water turning it into mineral rich health promoting alkaline water which has antioxidant properties.

    The alkaline antioxidant filter uses a new generation of special natural ceramics that affects the water as it flows through it. The reaction between the minerals and the water results in an increase in active hydrogen in the water.

    This active hydrogen acts as a powerful antioxidant and is increasingly being regarded as having significant health benefits. Additionally enriches water with various minerals essential for human organism, such as: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, seleniu, etc. Available with 1/4″ NPT connection.

    *depending on feedwater quality.

    Available size: 2″ x 10″
    Working temperature: 2°C – 45°C
    Longevity: 6 – 12 months (depending on feed water quality).


    • Brand: Aquafilter
    • Media: alkaline ORP & mineralizing ceramic ball media
    • Length: 10"
    • Diameter: 2"
    • Connections: 1/4" NPT
    • Temp. Rating (°C): 2 - 45C
    • Operating Pressure: 6 bar
    • Flow Rate: 2.8 L/min(

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