Aquafilter FCCBKDF 20BB 20″ Big Blue Carbon Filter GAC with KDF

Aquafilter FCCBKDF 20BB 20″ Big Blue Carbon Filter GAC with KDF

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      Aquafilter FCCBKDF20BB 20" Big Blue are state-of-the-art multimedia filter cartridges. GAC-type cartridges are designed such that where water flows from bottom to top ensures a long contact time, allowing for maximum adsorption and treatment. Utilizing a highly efficient longitudinal flow for greater carbon contact time, FCCBKDF20BB is ideal where a long contact time allows for high chlorine as well as other organic reductions. Cartridges are filled with water-washed coconut shell activated carbon, KDF-55 and non-woven polypropylene layers. Each layer plays an important role in potable water purification. Coconut shell activated carbon used in filter cartridges removes chlorine, solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons (improves the taste and odor) and compounds, phenol, benzene, and organic substances from water. KDF, utilizing redox reactions, kills or inhibits bacteria growth, converts chlorine to chlorides and removes iron, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals (lead, arsenic, etc.). Used in combination with Activated Carbon, KDF can significantly extend the life of filter cartridges. Non-woven polypropylene creates a barrier that prevents filtration media from being washed out.


      • Media: Coconut Shell GAC and KDF-55 both NSF approved, PP filter
      • Filter Life: 6 - 12 months
      • Size : 20" x 4 1/2"
      • Operating Pressure: 6 bar
      • Min. feedwater temp. 2°C
      • Max. feedwater temp. 55°C
      • Contaminant Removal: Chlorine, VOC's, heavy metals, ferrous iron, hydrogen sulphide, scale
      • End caps: PP
      • Gasket: Silicone
      • Body: HDPE
      • Post-filter: PP


      • Brand: Aquafilter
      • Filter Life: 6-12 Months
      • End-Cap: DOE - Double Open Ended
      • Diameter: Large Diameter (4.5")
      • Performance: Excellent Chlorine - Low Sediment
      • Technology: Granular Carbon Cartridge
      • Media: Coconut Shell GAC & KDF-55 both NSF approved
      • Flow Rate (lpm): 15.1

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