Aquafilter FCCST2 Water softening and iron removal cartridge 10″

Aquafilter FCCST2 Water softening and iron removal cartridge 10″

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    Aquafilter FCCST2 10" Water softening and iron reducing cartridge. Aquafilter FCCST2 cartridges are an effective and efficient solution for point-of-use applications. Their undeniable benefit is ease of installation and changeout. Cartridges include pre- and post-filters, preventing media particles from being washed out. Cartridges are available in various capacities to meet Customer demands. FCCST2 was designed to allow optimal contact between water and resin, therefore ensuring maximum performance (ion exchange). FCCST2 utilizes FDA-grade, sodium, based, strongly acidic ion exchange resin which reduces calcium and magnesium ions content and lowers the concentration of iron in water. Calcium and magnesium are often called "hardness minerals". Large amounts of these ions in water are responsible for the formation of the scale deposits, higher detergent consumption and stains on glassware. In extreme cases large amounts of calcium and magnesium can lead to glass etching. Hard water damages home appliances such as: tea kettles, dishwashers and washing machines, and increases their energy consumption. Hard water leaves an invisible film on skin, which blocks pores. This in turns causes chapping, itching and dryness. Iron imparts a disagreeable taste to the water. It can ruin the taste of tea, coffee and beverages. Iron compounds create yellow to dark-brown stains on equipment. Iron salts irritate skin. Water, after passing through FCCST2, is softened and contains almost no calcium & magnesium, as well as iron. It enables people to use lesser quantities of soap, shampoo, and skin care products. Moreover, detergent consumption is reduced. Aquafilter FCCST2 can be used in every POU application where soft water containing no iron is required.


    • Media: FDA approved ion exchange resin
    • Filter Life: 3 - 6 months
    • Operating Pressure: 6 bar
    • Minimum Temperature: 2ºC
    • Maximum Temperature: 40°C
    • End caps: PP
    • Gasket: Silicone
    • Body: HDPE
    • Post-filter: PP


    • Brand: Aquafilter
    • 8Filter Life: 3 - 6 months
    • Diameter: Regular (2.5")
    • Performance: Water Softening
    • Technology: Water Treatment Cartridge
    • Media: FDA approved ion exchange resin

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