Aquafilter TFC-75F RO membrane

Aquafilter TFC-75F RO membrane

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      Aquafilter TFC-75F RO membrane. RO membranes consists of many thin layers of porous, semi-permeable film wound around a central core. TFC-x series membranes are compatible with most RO systems available on the market. They effectively remove 96%-99% of suspended particles, most bacteria and viruses, VOCs (not smaller than 0.0001 μm) and even ions. All filtered impurities are flushed to drain. TFC-x series membranes improve overall quality of water. Keep in mind that the performance of the RO membranes depends on water temperature and applied pressure. Low temperature of influent water will affect (lower) membrane performance. Pressure has a similar effect. In such cases, booster pump is required. Aquafilter offers TFCx-F Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane suitable for POU (Point of Use) installations. TFCx-F membranes consist of many thin layers of porous, semi-permeable film wounded around a central core. Its small pore size (0.0001 micron) allows TFCx-F acting as a barrier against suspended particles, most of bacteria and viruses, ions and VOC’s present in your tap water. Finally, all filtrate impurities are flushed to drain, ensuring a continuous and efficient supply of clean water. TFCx-F membranes are compatible with most RO systems present on the market.


      • Brand: Prism
      • Diameter: 1.8"
      • Performance: Low Energy
      • Technology: Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membrane
      • Operating Pressure (bar): 4.1
      • Material: Thin Film Composite Polyamide
      • Permeate Flow Rate (lpm): 0.19

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