Charles Austen Enviro ETA Pro Series Air Pumps

Charles Austen Enviro ETA Pro Series Air Pumps

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      The ET series range of air pumps ensures that there is plenty of water movement in wastewater applications; this boosts oxygen levels in the water, allowing aerobic bacteria to decompose. When used in medical applications, the ET series provides a high flow at low pressure.

      • Robust and compact construction - weatherproof
        Green drive technology offers energy efficient motors meaning low power consumption
        Supplied with a rubber elbow for easy fitting

      •  Model Flow Connector Power Dimensions
        ET40A 40lpm @ 0.12bar 18mm 30w 220 x 155 x 140mm
        ET60A 60lpm @ 0.12bar 18mm 55w 253 x 165 x 183mm
        ET80A 80lpm @ 0.12bar 18mm 85w 210 x 185 x 201mm
        ET100A 100lpm @ 0.12bar 18mm 105w 238 x 196 x 207mm
        ET120A 120lpm @ 0.12bar 18mm 125w 315 x 215x 228mm
        ET150A 150lpm @ 0.12bar 18mm 125w 346 x 200 x 222mm
        ET200A 200lpm @ 0.12bar 18mm 210w 346 x 200 x 222mm
        ET250A 250lpm @ 0.12bar 26mm 221w 348 x 231 x 219mm
        ET300 300lpm @ 0.12bar 26mm 221w 348 x 231 x 219mm
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