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      The OceanLight is the underwater light solution for the fish-farming cage. Our variety of Aquaculture lights are designed and produced in the Faroe Islands.
      With our OceanLight solution, you not only take back the aging process dilemma (maturation), but our product has been proven to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions in the world, requiring little maintenance.
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      • Less energy consumption and carbon footprint
        Service-life 4-5 photoperiodic seasons
        Higher intensity
        Scientifically tested results
        Increases growth
        Reduces maturation
        Better control with feeding parameters
        High color temperature
        Comfortable electrical start
        Even and good light spreading (soft-start programming)

      • The advantage of using a LED light system is the lifespan which on the paper is superior to the MH (metal halide) light. When you compare lights you typically use facts about the light source. The light sources are the LED module and the MH bulb. The LED module has a lifespan of 70,000 hours while the MH bulb only has 20,000 hours. A significant difference.

        However, you can change the bulb as many times as you like. It comes with a cost but somehow nullifies the difference. So how do you truly set the lifespan? It has to be on the weakest part of the light that will make it unrepairable. It could be the housing or the cable but it is different from light to light. If you compare our LED to our biggest competitors there are mainly two things to consider. Their light has a glass cover which almost covers half of the light. Our primary cover is aluminium. The other is the cable. We use a cable that is far more durable than the other. This means their housing will break or their cable will snap long before ours.

        Another thing you can do with LED lights is to determine the colour temperature. What is the advantage of that? Well, the fact is choosing a blue light setting, for example, will penetrate better in the water giving it a better spread.

        Scientific research has also shown that the salmon reacts best to certain colour temperatures. And by creating your colour temperature you can get as close to that as possible. This will assist even more in preventing maturation.

        LEDs can also be programmed. When using the traditional MH light system the salmon can become startled. But with a LED system you can have a type of soft-start. This means you can program the period the light goes from 0% to 100%. The length of the soft-start can be from 10-to-600s.

        In addition to that, we offer a battery solution. A box that sits on the cage as a backup in case the power cuts off giving the light a soft-stop as well. This is limited to 5-6 minutes but it is important as the salmon will also become alarmed if the light shuts off suddenly.

        Scaring the salmon can cause loss of appetite and even increase the mortality rate of the salmon. The reason behind increased mortality is that when the light shuts off suddenly the salmon become disoriented and can swim into the nets bruising themselves. These bruises will eventually kill the salmon.

        Furthermore, we are working on a full light control unit built into the box. This will give the user total control of the light and the possibility to pre-set the light to e.g. dim during the daytime. This also means that the soft-start length has no limits as it can be a whole month or more. Total control of the light also gives you control of power consumption.


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