OxyGuard Handy Polaris C LDO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

OxyGuard Handy Polaris C LDO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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      The Polaris C Optical meter is an almost maintenance free meter for measuring dissolved oxygen and temperature. The meter is sturdy, easy to use and has an extensive longevity making it ideal for harsh conditions.

      Polaris C can store up to 2500 complete set of data, including time and date stamps. The logged data can be stored either manually or automatically with the possibility to group the data into categories. The stored data can be uploaded directly to Cobália using Bluetooth.

      Scan the Cobália NFC tag on the tank and all data will be uploaded to your “digital farm”. Tank specific data assigned to the tags will be stored in Cobália for analysis on temporal variation, generation of graphs and for multivariable analysis on performance. The meter has a built-in self-check of all hardware, it compensates automatically for barometric pressure and it has a notably short response time. With this meter, you get the high-quality associated with OxyGuard technology and a product that will serve you well for many years.

      • Key Benefits
        High accuracy
        Easy-to-do calibration
        Automatic check of the hardware
        Automatic compensation for barometric pressure and temperature
        Automatic or manual data logging of up to 2500 full sets of data
        Bluetooth and NFC technology for direct upload to Cobália
        Low power consumption: ~1000 hours
        Immediate response time Variable display options and unit use
        Self-polarizing and temperature compensating electrochemical probe
        Long-term stability

      • Specification
        Units of measurement: Oxygen: ppm (mg/L), % saturation.
        Temperature: degrees Celsius (°C), degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
        Display: Graphical LCD display with variable backlight
        Probe type: Electrochemical
        Cable length: Standard 3 m. Available at any length up to 50 meters by request
        Operating temperature: Probe: -5 to +45 degrees Celsius (°C) and +23 to +113 degrees Fahrenheit (°F). Meter: -20 to +60 degrees Celsius (°C) and -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
        Waterproof: Short-term immersion proof to 5m depth Response time: To 90% in less than 20 seconds
        Measuring range: Oxygen: 0-60 mg/L and 0-600 % saturation. Temperature: -5 to +45 degrees Celsius (°C) and +23 to +113 degrees Fahrenheit
        Measuring accuracy: Oxygen: typically ± 1% of measured value. Temperature: ± 0.2 degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit (°C/°F)
        Data logging capacity: 2500 sets of data with up to 99 data groups
        Salinity compensation range: 0-50 ppt salinity. Manually set
        Automatic check of: Probe function, meter function, cable and battery Automatic compensation: Temperature and barometric pressure (0-7000 m a.s.l)
        Dimensions meter: Length = 98 mm, diameter = 36 mm (Length: 3.86 in, diameter: 1.42 in)
        Dimensions probe: Length = 159 mm, diameter = 22 mm (6.26 in, 0.87 in). With protection cap: Length = 176 mm, diameter = 29 mm (6.93 in, 1.14 in)
        Power: 2 AA alkaline batteries
        Battery life: 1000 hours use depending on settings and battery quality
        Standard accessories: 10 membranes and O-rings, 50 ml electrolyte, cathode cleaning pad, tool, storage pouch


      • Brand: OxyGuard
      • 15Temperature Compensation: Automatic
      • Accuracy: DO +/-1%
      • Temp +/- 0.5C: Temp +/- 0.5C
      • Range: DO 0-250%sat
      • Temp -5 - 45C: Temp -5 - 45C
      • Salinity compensation: 0-50 ppt salinity. Manually set
      • Datalog capacity: 2500 sets of data with up to 99 data groups
      • Measuring Accuracy: +/- 1% sat
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