Philips TUV 25W G25T8 UV Lamp

Philips TUV 25W G25T8 UV Lamp

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      This 25 Watt energy efficient Ultra-Violet lamp used in water disinfection units to aid with the deactivation of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. Common applications are disinfection of drinking water.

      A UV Lamp is the heart of the UV treatment system. The lamp needs to operate correctly to ensure the water in your home is safe.
      • Overview
      • Philips TUV 25W G25T8.

        Power – 25 watts.
        Used in Private Water Supplies and Pond UV Filters

        Note: Germicidal lamps must not be viewed by the human eye and should only be used in enclosed fixtures.

        It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to replace the lamp every year as part of your maintenance schedule. Almost all UV systems are meant to operate continuously, you can actually significantly shorten the life of the bulb by turning it on and off.


      • 25w: 25w

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