Prism Plus Carbon Block, 5 Micron 30"

Prism Plus Carbon Block, 5 Micron 30"

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      Widely used and favoured for drinking water treatment and beverage production where chloramines are not present; the Plus grade carbon block is formulated from low ash content, microporous coconut carbon that targets VOCs and THMs. Acid wash during the production process and low fine content give excellent rinse-up times as well as regulating pH and taste. The Plus grade carbon block also gives improved flowrate and lower pressure drop than the Max grade, reducing the size of the housing required, making it a firm favourite for drinking water, pre-RO and applications where end product consumption is a consideration.


      • Brand: Prism
      • Technology: Carbon Block Cartridge
      • Material: Powder Activated Coconut Carbon
      • Performance: Excellent Chlorine - Medium Sediment
      • Length: 30"
      • Diameter: Regular (2.5")
      • Seal: EPDM
      • Flow Rate (lpm): 11.4
      • End-Cap: DOE - Double Open Ended

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