SPECTRUM PBP Premier Size 2 Bag Polypropylene Bag Filter

SPECTRUM PBP Premier Size 2 Bag Polypropylene Bag Filter

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      Where high efficiency bag filters are required, the SPECTRUM Premier range is the perfect choice for accurate process liquid filtration from 0.5 to 25 micron.

      A multi-layer construction ensures high levels of contaminant holding and highly efficient graded-density filtration. The microfibre media coupled with the flanged neck seal lessens the risk of particle bypass. All layers are sewn together to the neck ring, providing a strong, reliable and effective product capable of finer filtration at high process flow rates.

      Each bag is manufactured from lot controlled raw media, individually labelled and finished with a total glazing process to inhibit fibre release.

      Features & Benefits
      • Microfibre layers efficiently remove fine particulate and also unwanted trace oils from the liquid
      • Multiple layers of pre-filtration ensure high levels of contaminant holding and graded density filtration
      • Free from silicone oils to prevent ‘fish-eyes’ occurring in laquers, inks, paints and coatings
      Materials of construction
      • Filter Media: Polypropylene
      • Neck Ring: Polypropylene

      Construction notes
      • Layers of media combined with Microfibre technology create a very high efficiency bag filter
      • Support, pre-filtration and Microfibre media are sewn together to the neck ring to produce a reliable structure
      • Glazed finishing process is applied to virtually eliminate fibre migration
      • WRAS approved product
      • BS6920 compliant materials
      • FDA compliant to CFR Title 21
      Part Numbers: PBP-0.5-1, PBP-1-1, PBP-5-1, PBP-10-1, PBP-25-1, PBP-50-1, PBP-100-1,


      • Brand: Spectrum
      • Material: Polypropylene
      • Size: 2 (32" x 7")
      • Neck Style: Polypropylene Flanged Neck
      • Flow Rate (lpm): 400

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