SPECTRUM Standard Ext. Life Bag Polypropylene Size 1 Polypropylene Standard Neck

SPECTRUM Standard Ext. Life Bag Polypropylene Size 1 Polypropylene Standard Neck

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      Bag filters are used to remove sediment, debris and gelatinous particles from liquids in higher flow or viscosity applications.

      The Standard all welded construction of the SPECTRUM bag filter range prevents contamination bypass, which is sometimes associated with stitching pin holes. Featuring a double-layer graded density construction, the first ‘pre-filter’ layer traps larger particles and gelatinous contaminants, which often cause premature blinding, with the second, finer filtration layer effectively trapping unwanted particulate.

      Each bag is manufactured from lot controlled raw media, individually labelled and finished with a total glazing process to inhibit fibre release.

      Features & Benefits

      • Pre-filter layer traps larger sediment and gelatinous contaminants allowing the final filter layer to trap fine particulate
      • Graded layers of filtration media have higher dirt holding capacity to extend service life up to double
      • Extended life means reduced downtime, labour and waste costs

      Materials of construction
      Filter Media: Polypropylene
      Neck Ring: Polypropylene

      Construction notes

      • Filter media layers are welded to the neck ring to prevent bypass
      • Pre-filter media is up to 5 times the micron rating of final layer
      • Glazed finishing process is applied to virtually eliminate fibre migration


      • WRAS approved product
      • BS6920 compliant materials
      • FDA compliant to CFR Title 21


      • Brand: Spectrum
      • Efficiency (%): 80
      • End Cap: Polypropylene Flanged Neck
      • Material: Polypropylene
      • Micron: 0.5
      • 1: 1
      • 5: 5
      • 10: 10
      • 25: 25
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