Spectrum SRIF OilOut-99 Hydrocarbon Absorption Cartridge 40"

Spectrum SRIF OilOut-99 Hydrocarbon Absorption Cartridge 40"

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      Suitable for the polishing of trace hydrocarbons, the OilOut-99 is capable of absorbing up to three times its own weight before changeout is required. Designed to remove up to 99% of dispersed hydrocarbons, the SPECTRUM SRIF is suited to applications where the inlet contamination is below 500mg/l, such as surface run off water, CNC machine coolant and bilge separators. The OilOut-99 achieves best results as a polishing phase after primary oil removal technologies or in a double-pass system and is effective at removing a range of contaminants, including mineral oils and BTEX hydrocarbons.


      • Brand: Spectrum
      • Technology: Hydrocarbon Removal Cartridge
      • Material: Resin Impregnated Felt
      • Performance: Excellent Hydrocarbon
      • Length: 40"
      • Diameter: Regular (2.5")
      • End-Cap: DOE - Double Open Ended
      • Seal: Buna-N
      • Flow Rate (lpm): 80

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