TK 9000 Aquarium Chiller 9,000 litre

TK 9000 Aquarium Chiller 9,000 litre

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      The exclusive use of internationally recognised high-performance rotary compressors and of the titanium heat exchanger, ensures high performance and low energy consumption. The set of technologies used allows you to decrease noise levels and achieve the highest COP - coefficient of performance - contributing to remarkable energy savings

      Digital Thermostat
      he setting of functions is intuitive and the temperature reading is accurate, resolution 0.1 °C/0.2°F. The setting range is 5°C - 35°C (41°F - 95°F) and the temperature is kept constant with a maximum differential of 0.5°C/1°F. Displayed temperature is in °C or °F and there are security alarms.

      Efficient Design
      The chiller is characterized by a solid structure designed to provide a perfect protection against oxidation and it is therefore perfect to be used with salt water.

      Unique Features
      These units are also suitable for industrial applications. The maintenance of the air filter is quick and easy. These units have the option of up to 4 x 400W heaters to be fitted, please ask for pricing

      Water temp. Liters US Gallons COP**
      25°C* 9000 2370 2,6
      8°C* 1800 470 1,4
      * The values reported in the table refer to the following conditions: room temp. 30°C, heating load of 0.3 w/lt.
      ** The values reported in the table refer to the following conditions: room temp. 30°C, heating load of 0.1 w/lt.
      *** Coefficient of performance.

      Power Supply Power Consumption Gas Weight Ambient temperature
      50Hz 1200W R410A 104 lb 5°C - 38°C
      ll data are approximate and may be changed without notice by TECO. * Stripped cable


      • Brand: Teco
      • 4Power Consumption: 1200w
      • Dimensions: 600 x 385 x 650mm

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