Wedeco Aquada 1 Proxima UV Sterliser System

Wedeco Aquada 1 Proxima UV Sterliser System

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      This 25W UV unit with full WRAS approval is ideal for 1-3 bedroom homes with no more than 1 bathroom. They're also great for other light applications where the water quality is relatively good, but there is a bacteriological issue.

      As a quick summary, the difference between the systems are as follow:

      • Altima – Basic system. Essentially comes with an LED to show it’s turned on.
      • Proxima – Upgraded system. Comes with display, alarms and countdown timer.
      • Maxima – Fully loaded. Comes with extra UV sensor and temperature sensor functionality.

      The thing to remember in all this is that the system will function exactly the same way regardless of the system you have. The controller will turn the UV lamp on and monitor it. The functionality of the Proxima and Maxima systems are for ease of use and monitoring purposes. If in doubt, go for the Proxima system, they’re the most popular.

      As you can see from the table, they will treat up to 1m³/hour and are fine to be left turned on for long periods (overnight for example). 

      This system comes with everything you need to fit and run the system for the whole first year and is WRAS approved. The next thing you'll need to buy for the system is the lamp replacement that it'll need after the first year of operation.


      • Brand: Wedeco
      • 11Ideal for: 1-2 bedroom property
      • Power Source: 230v
      • Power: 35w
      • Flow Rate (lpm): 15
      • 790 x 90 x 70mm: 790 x 90 x 70mm

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