Aquafilter AIMRO In-line water mineralizer cartridge

Aquafilter AIMRO In-line water mineralizer cartridge

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      Aquafilter AIMRO in-line cartridge fits most 1/4” water lines and requires no additional tools for installation. Water passing through several stages is enriched with natural microelements such as calcium and magnesium. These beneficial minerals and nutrients are added back (after being removed by RO) to water to create a mineralized, pH-balanced result. These media alkalize and remineralize water, raising its pH. They reduce acidity in the body and produce natural calcium and magnesium ions that can be absorbed by the human body. These Essential Minerals are vital to our organs. Calcium is beneficial for bones, teeth, heart and muscular system. Magnesium participates in over 300 biochemical processes beneficial to immunological and nervous systems. Lack of these essential minerals may cause: Fatigue, Insomnia, hair loss, Depression, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, tooth decay, PMS, Migraines, Heart Disease. Cartridges include pre- and post-filters preventing media particles from being washed out.


      • Media: calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide
      • Operating Pressure: 6 bar
      • Minimum Temperature: 2ºC
      • Maximum Temperature: 45°C
      • Body, Cap, Pre-filter and Post-filter: Polypropylene
      • Amount of minerals released into water
      • Ca2+ - 28 mg/l
      • Mg2+ - 3,5 mg/l
      • OH- - 9 mg/l


      • Brand: Aquafilter
      • 9Filter Life: 6 - 12 Months
      • Ideal For: Post RO
      • Under sink: Under sink
      • Water Coolers: Water Coolers
      • Diameter: 2"
      • Operating Pressure: 6 bar
      • Temp. Rating (°C): 2 - 45C
      • Media: calcium carbonate
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