SPS Spectrum Inox Standard Pleated 316 Stainless Steel

SPS Spectrum Inox Standard Pleated 316 Stainless Steel

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      Inox stainless steel cartridges from SPECTRUM are the most durable range of cartridges available. 316L stainless steel meshes are resilient in the toughest of ­fluid environments of high pressure, temperature and aggressive chemicals and when used for solid particle removal, they benefit from being reusable after a cleaning process.

      Standard cartridges offer these benefits combined with over 3 times the surface area of the cylindrical cartridge by pleating and strengthening the stainless-steel mesh, meaning higher dirt holding for fewer cartridge cleans or for use with heavily loaded fluids

      Features and information
      • Available in either a cylindrical or pleated stainless steel configuration, using no resin or glue-based binders, these reusable cartridges offer a perfect choice for high temperature applications
      • The cartridges are offered in 5 to 850 micron with end cap options of 222 and 226
      • The pleated construction of the SPS delivers an extra 0.1m2 of surface area versus the cylindrical cartridge for improved flow and dirt holding
      • Suited to heavily contaminated applications and as prefiltration before expensive, disposable, final filters
      • For challenging, industrial environments, a pleat protector cage option is available on the SPS
      Applications & Industries
      • High temperature specification
      • Caustic fluids
      • Petrochemicals
      • Corrosive liquids and gases
      • Chemical solutions
      • Straining


      • Brand: Spectrum
      • Material: 316L Stainless Steel
      • Length: 10" | 20" | 30" | 40"
      • Diameter: Regular (2.5")
      • End-Cap: AA - Open Gaskets
      • Seal: EPDM | Viton
      • Flow Rate (lpm): 50 | 100 | 150 | 200

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